Age Group Birth Year
4 & Under 2015 and 2016
5U 2014
6U 2013
7U 2012
8U 2011
Boys and Girls teams for the 8U age bracket, COED 4U-7U
First Game Date is 9/8/18
Practice starts 1-2 weeks prior depending upon the coach.
Last game is 10/27/18 (all games are on Saturdays)
Participation awards will be provided to all players at season's end.
There will be no rain dates for missed game days.
Game Day Fields:
  • Annapolis Middle School:
    • 1399 Forest Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403 [ADC MAP P20G13] Take exit 22 off of Rte.50 (Rte 665/Aris T Allen Blvd). Exit becomes Forest Drive. Continue straight on Forest Drive until Spa Rd. Turn right on Spa then left into the middle school. 
  • TENTATIVE SCHEDULE *depending on field availability*
U4 8:30 AM     Fields 1, 2 25x20yds
U5 9:45 AM     Fields 1, 2 25x20yds
U6 8:30 AM    Fields 6, 7, 8, 9, E/F 30x25yds
U7 9:45  AM    games on Fields 7, 8, 9  or training on AMS upper field at 8:30 or 9:45 or 11:00 30x25yds
U8 Girls 8:30 &  9:45 AM  Field 3 60x40yds
U8 Boys 8:30,  9:45 and 11:00 AM Field 4 60x40yds
  • U7s will have professional training every other week at Annapolis Middle School upper field - check with your coach for training date and time, 9am, 10am, or 11am
  • U8s may have a pregame professional training session in addition to a game .
  • Field space will be tight so please have players and parents ready to start before games and to leave promptly after games and advise them not to cross active field space during a game.
    The U7 players will be continuing our highly successful alternate Saturday training and then game day format this year.
    • The format will consist of small-sided games as done in the past; tentatively at 9:45 once every other Saturday. In the in-between Saturday, the Club will provide age-group wide professional coaching.  The professional coached sessions will be at Annapolis Middle School upper field (behind 7/11) and are tentatively scheduled for 8:30am, 9:45am and 11:00am. The professional coaching sessions will focus primarily on individual player skills.
  • U8s will also have a 45 minute pregame professional training session every 2-3 weeks. These sessions are really improving the level of play.
Game Schedule:
  • It is the responsibility of the Age Group Coordinators to develop a game schedule for their age bracket.
  • U8's will play 7v7 with goalies, all other age groups will play small sided games with NO GOALIES and small goals.
Rain/Weather Cancellations (Games and Practices):
  • U4 COACHES determine their own U4 team’s rain policy.
  • Note that poor field conditions (as determined be ASC) will cancel all games.
  • For practice and game day cancellations, ASC WILL ONLY POST VIA FACEBOOK -
  • U4- none recommended.
  • U5-U8 - one practice a week recommended. 
    • U8s may have 2 practices a week.
  • All practices will be held in the Annapolis area (location/day/time set by coach)
  • Bathrooms are not available at many of the practice fields we get an opportunity to use.
  • All children MUST wear shin-guards.
  • Annapolis Soccer Club Clinic is not a drop off sport. The ASC program requires and coaches are instructed to insist, that a parent or responsible adult (not the coach) must be attending for each child. If a parent must leave, then the parent must get another parent they trust (not the coach) to cover this responsibility. Coaches are asked to get the parents involved in the drills and activities. Take this opportunity to be involved!!!
  • Don't allow litter. Please self-police your teams. We are lucky to get the fields we get, let’s not lose them. How about assigning a clean-up family as well as a snack family.
  • AAC Department of Rec and Parks is strongly encouraging healthy (or no) snacks.
  • Please use your best efforts to encourage/promote the parents of your team members to step on the field to help you as coaches and get some experience in that role. With more potential coaches in the future, ASC can make the teams smaller and allow you (and the other coaches) to become more productive and give the kids more time with the ball. To help promote the coaching position, each team gets two coaches T-shirts - so pass one out to a likely candidate.
  • All Coaches must complete AAC background check.
  • If you want to talk about coaching, call Corey 443.336.1381,
Good Luck. Have a GREAT season!
Corey Childs, Clinic Coordinator