New this season, Rec+ Soccer! 

This is a pilot program available for boys born in 2010 or 2011 that are interested in a step above the traditional recreational landscape. Players will be invited to a tryout on February 18th at 2pm (at Boys & Girls Club turf - 121 S Villa Avenue). Upon being selected, there will be an additional charge of $100 for the services of: professional coaching, tournaments, training, etc. (this program is still being tweaked)

Program Outline:

Goal: Provide a platform at the intermediate to advance level of recreational soccer. Many parents/players have an interest in continuous development and/or are at a higher ability or motivational level. To further support these players, we need to group them and bridge the gap between travel and county. 

Method: Players can apply during registration and/or be invited to the tryout that'll take place before fall/spring registrations close (late July and late Feb.). Players cannot move up during the season (no roster changes - county rule). The team will be placed in D1 county. A professional coach will work with the coach of the team to guide them through pre-prepared practice plans for both DOWs. The coach and players are receiving education in a consultative role.

Coach Commitment: Attend 10 practice sessions, Write 20 practice plans, Attend 1-2 games. 

Cost for Player: $100 on top of ASC registration cost. Payment goes to the professional coach, field rentals and equipment. Additional costs are the team's decisions - tournaments, gear, etc..

Target: 7U-18U players who are competitive, athletic, motivated and/or gifted at soccer. Anyone can apply/attend the tryout however the club, along with the coaches, will invite the roster of the Rec+ Team. 

Age Groups: The ability to form a Rec+ team exists where we have a large #s in a particular age/gender group. We will start with a pilot program during the transition from clinic to county soccer. The Spring 2018 season will be the first season. 

Additional considerations for the future? Team is entered into a tournament. Players get a slightly different jersey. Guest training sessions done by Maryland Rush travel team coaches.