ASC Indoor Futsal Sign-Up

Q. How much does it cost?
A. $75 per player. Financial Aid forms exist if help is needed.
Q. When are the games / when does it start?
A. League games will start Jan. 2nd  and go until March 12th. Games and times depend on Age & Gender. Refer to printed league schedule.
Q. Where are the games?
A. The Salvation Army off of Hilltop Lane. Behind the Rec Center.
351 Hilltop Ln, Annapolis, MD 21403
Q. Are there team practices?
A. No. Due to limited availability of rental space it is a game only league.
Q. Who is my coach?
A. Players register and then a coach is assigned to a group of players. Teams will come out before Dec. 25th.
Q. Can I play on the same team as my friend?
A. Yes, but you must request it on the form. Students from Germantown Elementary are instructed to write “Germantown” in the special request form. Age appropriate of course.
Q. How many games?
A. 10 games
Q. What does $75 include?
A. Participation, Tshirt, Trophy
Q. What other leagues exist?
A. In the winter, Odenton SportsCenter or Benfield however those are 25 minutes away. Annapolis Soccer Club has a Fall, Winter and Spring season.
Q. What age groups can participate?
A. Anywhere from Under-6 to Under-18.
Age groups as follows:
COED U6, U7 & U8 B/G, U9 & U10 B/G, U11 & U12 B/G, U13 & U14 B/G, HIGH SCHOOL B/G.
You can play up in an age group but not down.