What Does the Schedule Look Like?

Here is an example of how it looked last year.

**Please note, the schedule may change based on number of teams/players per age groups signed up.**
  Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8am BU8            
9am BU8            
10am BU8            
11am BU8            
12pm BU10            
1pm BU10            
2pm BU10 GU8          
3pm BU10 GU8          
4pm BU10 GU10          
5pm BU10 GU10   COED U6 BHS    
6pm BU12 GU10 BU14/15 COED U6 BHS GU12 BU13
7pm BU12 GU14 BU14/15 GHS BHS GU12 BU13
8pm BU12 GU14 BU14/15 GHS BHS GU12 BU13
9pm BU12 GU14 BU14/15 BHS BHS BHS BU13

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